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About Us

Located in Shri Hargobindpur in District Gurdaspur Punjab (INDIA). We are registered with Kennel Club of India. Von Pardeep Kennels is a code of ethics breeding. We are a member of ADRK (Germany) & Rottweiler Club of India since the year 1999.

We are dedicating our self in providing quality puppies to dog lovers. Our Rottweilers are first and foremost, beloved and loyal everyday companions. Having excellent working dogs with lot of drive who also excel in conformation showing in the show ring. Our kennel is furnished with everything that is necessary to our dogs’ comfort.

Our Services is an online classified ads specialist in dogs and pets.

We are different, we love our own pets, and wanted to create a safe place for selling pets, but also pet services, with the convenience of online access where we know buyers, sellers and of course the pets themselves, will all be safe and secure. The best way to accomplish this is by ensuring there is a barrier to entry that puts the scammers off, but we also didn’t want just another high-priced ad site that few could afford to use frequently. So, we have developed our site to avoid the scammers, but also make sure that it is affordable for anyone wanting to sell a pet or provide a pet service, even if it’s a one-person dog grooming business.

How to get started

If you are new to our website; don’t worry it’s all quite simple. Whether you’re a breeder, or simply just looking to sell newborn puppies, you can easily create a new account within minutes and have your advert active within a couple of hours.